A coalition of downtown property owners

The Formation of the PBID

Developed by a coalition of property and business owners, the Downtown Chico Property-Based Business Improvement District (“PBID”) is an assessment district designed to improve the environment and patron experience of Downtown Chico. Downtown Chico property owners voted overwhelmingly to approve the business district with 81% of assessments being cast to form the district.

Ambassador Program


The Downtown Chico Ambassadors program provides hospitality, cleaning and safety services to enhance the downtown Chico expereince. In addition to promoting the growth of Downtown Chico as a safe and desirable destination, they are available to give directions and other information to the public. They provide a highly visible presence in order to increase overall safety and create a welcoming environment. Ambassadors focus on discouraging petty crime and aggressive panhandling, while maintaining the cleanliness and presentation of the downtown area.



In addition to cleaning and safety services, the PBID conducts small projects for beautification and placemaking improvements defined as cosmetic enhancements that improve the appearance and walkability within Downtown Chico, encouraging customer traffic and improved quality of life for residents. Examples of beautification improvements might include updating signage, benches, kiosks and lighting, design and installation of flowering planters and baskets, design and installation of art and decorative elements, holiday décor or tree lighting, bicycle racks and urban design and/or planning services to advance beautification efforts and other cosmetic enhancements that improve Downtown Chico.


  • Provide directions and information
  • Courtesy escorts
  • Outreach Services
  • Support merchants


  • Sidewalk cleaning & maintenance
  • Graffiti removal
  • Trash collection
  • Landscape maintenance


  • Safety monitoring & reporting
  • Addressing problematic street behavior
  • Help deter & report crime
  • Coordination with Chico Police

Monthly Activity

The Operations Manager for the Chico PBID provides property owners monthly reports on the activities of the Chico Ambassadors cleaning, safety and hospitality activities. The reports are designed to track the environmental and experiential improvement of downtown to better serve the downtown businesses, patrons and residents. Operations Reports are distributed monthly and reflect observations and activities of the Chico Ambassadors.

Operation Reports: