First 45 Days

In the first 45 days, our ambassadors have removed over 10,000 lbs of litter and debris. Additionally, we estimate nearly 1,000 graffiti and stickers have been removed. The average number removed monthly is expected to gradually decrease over time as the district becomes more maintainable on a daily basis. Ambassadors also assisted the city in supporting the efforts of leaf removal and keeping sidewalks free of slippage due to fallen leaves.

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Downtown Chico PBID – First 45 Days

Seasonal Activities

Assisted two DCBA events with safety, hospitality and cleaning services.

Field Observations

Ongoing Activities

It is important for ambassadors to maintain the habits of litter pickup, identifying landscape opportunities, and prioritizing spills and hazardous waste. It is also important to dedicate spare time for special projects that will gradually improve environmental aesthetics.



The largest area of opportunity we’ve noticed over the past 45 days was clogged storm drains. We are working with the city public works department and have come up with a plan to handle the issue moving forward.


All trash cans within the district have been inventoried and surveyed. A plan for a repair project is in development.

Ambassadors performed many tasks, such as leaf removal, to ensure a clean downtown during the holiday season.